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ONE is run like a business, but  for the benefit of its Members, sponsors and employees.

ONE organises the shows and activities you, our customers see, from beginning to end:

>  we recruit our Members, train them, organise them and effectively ‘license’ them to perform on our behalf

>  we buy materials, organise venues (usually in 4* and 5* hotels), pre-book dates with them and generally promote our shows   

>  we sell tickets to our shows and activities online, through local Travel Agents and Hotels, as well as at the venues themselves (hotels with our venues may offer the shows free to their residents)     

>  we pay our Members a percentage of income (ticket sales of hotel payments), dependent on their role and effort.

Key to our operating model is transparency: Members get informed on all financial matters, from ticket revenues by day and venue, actual costs and payments to them, forward bookings, etc. but also on customer satisfaction rates, comments and improvements needed. 

We are a new company with a fresh approach – we ask that you help us, by making a booking now. Buying a ticket is your way to sponsor us and, don’t worry, a booking which hasn’t materialised for you can be re-used on a different date (and year even!) 

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