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Part of our transparency commitment is that we let you see how we are progressing. We will be doing so via this page but also feel free to contact us and ask questions via the Contact Us page.

We are a very new organisation, registered on 18th October 2012 (AFM: 800442455 at Agios Nikolaos). We are primarily supported by Greeks abroad, as well as local organisations.

As of the end of November 2013  we are very pleased to announce our successful application for a 50% grant of our equipment costs from ESPA (a government & European programme). This means our chances of success have increased exponentially! 

In 2013 we had very succesful trials of our Lysistrata comedy in English, and theatre is something we decided to expand on and this we did.

We launched our  "Myths of Knossos" in 2014 and it was well received by adults and children alike.
We have also properly equipped our "Sky at Night" shows, with computer tablets and telescopes, making them a unique experience for most tourists.

We now have a solid set of offerings which will allow us to expand from 2015 onwards to the rest of Crete, other islands,  mainland Greece and Cyprus.

We will continue with our three shows ("Lysistrata", "Myths of Knossos" and "Sky at Night") in 2015 and intend to launch new shows the following year.

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