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The Ancient Greeks were keen observers of the planets and star constellations, even though they had no modern technology such as telescopes or satellites. They believed the Earth was the centre of the universe and named many of the stars after their gods and mythical heroes. Most of these names were taken forward by the Romans and continue to be used today.

ONE and its Members have created a special experience for you: you get to find the stars, planets and constellations with the help of a Tablet computer (one per couple), choose one of six languages (English, French, German, Greek, Italian or Russian) and listen to the myths and legends of Greek-named stars and constellations, to the backdrop of music. For a closer observation of the rings of Saturn or the Moon's surface, or any other sky object,  we also have two telescopes for you (see photos below).

We organise sun-loungers in darker areas of hotel grounds, guide you through the Tablet App and let you enjoy a star-gazing experience with a difference!

For a schedule of "Sky at Night" events at a venue near you and to make a booking, please click here.

Tickets: 7.50 €      Children go FREE but the must be accompanied by an adult
(NB: venue-hotels may offer our shows Free to their residents)

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